Power dressing in power blue


Power Dressing in Power Blue

Ready to take over the world wearing BRIME

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I love how formal dressing has broken its conventional definition and has given birth to power dressing.

Power Dressing started in the second half of the 1970s and developed in 1980s. Power dressing is a style of dressing that screams power and authority. This style evolved when women started when started entering professions that were primarily dominated by men and this style has no looking back. I love how formal dressing has broken the traditional blazer, shirt, tie and pants look.

Since I hate being mainstream and love experimenting, I love brands that do experimental fashion. The Brime is one of my favourite brands for the same reason. For this look I chose this beautiful pastel blue blazer and high-waist wide legged cullottes from Brime. I love how the blazer is longer in length than the traditional blazers. I paired the cullottes with a white crop top with super cute flowers on it to add the element of fun to the look. You can pair your crop tops with high-waist trousers and the minimal glimpse of skin adds a dash of sexy to powerful. I am totally obsessed with chokers of all kinds and this look could not have been complete without one. I made this choker from a scarp piece of cloth lying at home ( p.s. I am planning to do a DIY choker video too. Who’s excited?).

I wore my favourite silver reflectors and silver heels from Zara. I wanted to keep my hair and make-up clean and minimal so I parted my hair in the center and tied them into a low ponytail and wore a deep plum lipstick. I love how powerful this look is that it requires no accessories at all. I feel like I am ready to take over the world.

I hope you guys liked this look. You can shop this look from www.thebrime.com.
So what are you waiting for? Start brim-ing.


Blogger- Charuta Yadav MODA YALDA

Dress- thebrime.com

Blog- http://www.modayalda.com/fashion/power-dressing/


Colour your Monsoon Bright!


Talking about the wonderful and lovely weather in Delhi, the heat and the sun is finally taking a back seat and its oh-so-pleasant out there, who would’ve thought we would be taking out our umbrellas a week back when the same city was giving us heat strokes and what not?!2345678

Well, I wouldn’t be talking about weather if it had nothing to do with what I have today on the blog for you!
Bright colours and monsoon season go hand in hand. The monsoon is one season where you can really bring out your individualistic style. There is no better time to take out those bright striped pants which you bought out of fascination from that street shop which you never talk about. Its the most awaited season, the streets are smelling rainy good, everyone is out, the sales are taking the malls by a storm, its your time to wear that loud outfit and walk like you own it!


And if you are looking for something just as loud and fabulous like yourself, The Brime is here for your rescue! I recently came across The Brime while looking for something colourful and different online since I hardly wear any colourful clothes but this time I think the monsoon is playing tricks on me. I got this fabulous set of pants and a crop top, head to toe striped in pretty colours, it was a very risky choice to be honest, and I had second thoughts about it but well, its always fun experimenting with something too different and unique, and so it was!


The Brime has a really edgy and different collection, if you are one of those who like to stand out in the crowd and love experimenting with fashion, its the store for you! They have a very sassy emoticon collection and then there are these colourful and pastel clothes, the collection is bright and fabulous and just right to put some fun element to your wardrobe!

I chose to shoot indoor since its raining quite bad here since a day or two and also, the clothes are very bright so I thought an indoor shoot might give the photos a different look and feeling. I didn’t put on any accessories except a handy playful hat and left my hair unkept. Too much can ruin a perfect attire, and I think when you are wearing a really colourful outfit its best to leave it just as it is. There is a fine line between classy and gaudy, and if not maintained can look quite disastrous!

Dress- thebrime.com

Blogger-Saloni Jain

Blog- https://runwaybysaloni.com/2016/07/16/colour-your-monsoon-bright/


Brime styles Komal Pandey in its work shirt

This one is my favourite and implies the child, the quirky and the workaholic in me. I give my cent percent to my work. I only do what I love and I love what I do. So I am not ashamed of calling my work, 70% of my life, since it is what I love and I like doing it. Be it my blog or making videos. Hence the “WORK” shirt from the Brime. The Brime has much more amazing and quirky stuff that you guys need to have in your closet! This shirt is my weakness and I am so proud I own it. To make the look all the more fun and colourful, I layered the dress with a blue bralette and my WORK shirt. I kept the hair fun by ,making two criss cross ponytails.


Dress – thebrime.com

Blogger-Komal Pandey the college couture


The Bandra Girl in Brime’s weird boss top


dressed during the dog days of summer,can be quite a task. Between the heat and the desire to do a whole lot of nothing, fashion can often take a back seat from June to August


There is absolutely nothing more exicting then wearing an outfit that uplifts your mood instantly.

Well, this WIERD BOSS top definitely does that for me. Can’t stop raving about how much i love this top..

This WIERD BOSS top is an absolute stunner.As this season is all about off -shoulders, cut -outs and cold shoulder tops and necklines.

This piece is totally created with twist to the usual off shoulders trending this season..which makes it all the more appealing.

The brand BRIME is perfectly described as bright minimalism being quirky , fun and unafraid.what an amazing way to add some fun to the boring summer wardrobeDSCF5165-min

Another trend this season, is quirky patches whether on denims, shirts or dresses. Patches are super amazing even when it comes to DIYs. Like just adding some patches to a boring old basic pair of denims or shirt could do the trick.Patches on this top be it the heart, the pizza or the absolutely well written weird boss is definitely one of my favourite pieces of my summer lust list.

Perfect way to combine stripes, patches and quirky necklines.This top is a match made in heaven .BRIME as a brand also focuses on quality with quirkiness and fun.These clothes are intended to be simply cut, art like pieces. Meaning with their abstract and fun prints, are like art but only more wearable.

I wore this smashing piece with my pair of white ripped denims .and my metallic sneakers.

For me this look was completed by perfectly accessorising with my absolute favourite pink geek frames and a set of charm bracelets that just do the magic.

And hell yeah!!! who doesn’t like the top knot bun perfect way to beat the summer..

More power to brime being Brightly Powerful and creative as hell.

Do check out www.thebrime.com for more stunning pieces.

Keep shining BrightDSCF5248-minDSCF5184 (1)-minDSCF5176-minDSCF5203-mindownload-min

Dress- thebrime.com

Blogger-Savlin Lamba


Charuta styles Brime’s Monday Blues Dress

DSC_2856-830x1253Believe me we all have Monday blues and nobody likes Monday mornings. Mondays are all about work and reminiscing the weekend. I don’t even feel like dressing up on a Monday morning but wouldn’t it be amazing if we one piece of clothing that says what’s on our mind?? That is when this quirky dress by Brime comes into the picture. This quirky dress has pinstripes all over with cute candy sprinkles printed on it and “somvar blues” written on it with fur and it just gets better, it has weekend printed on its back. Absolutely reads our mind, doesn’t it? Brime has become one of my favourite brands because of the quirky clothes they have to offer. I decided to style this dress in two ways. Enjoy the looks.

DSC_2825-678x1024DSC_2840-729x1024 copyDSC_2839-678x1024 copyDSC_2845-678x1024


DSC_2835-678x1024 copyDSC_2844-678x1024DSC_2839-678x1024 copy

When its Monday and you don’t want to put in any efforts in dressing up but still want to look good? Well that is when this dress comes into the picture. This quirky dress makes a statement by itself so I kept the look pretty simple. Space buns have been everywhere lately and I wanted to try them for the longest time and I finally did. Space buns perfectly compliment the quirkiness of the dress. I wore my favourite white pop art sneakers that I painted myself and a purple diamond clutch that I DIY’ed. I kept my accessories minimal to complement this quirky dress. I wore huge silver reflectors and a septum ring. A pop of red on my lips and I was look to go tomboy-ing on a Somvar!DSC_2875-678x1024DSC_2853-678x1024DSC_2856-830x1253 copyDSC_2860-678x1024DSC_2863-678x1024DSC_2866-678x1024

For the second look I paired this quirky dress with a ripped boyfriend jeans and a pair of sneakers. This look is very casual and comfortable for a Monday. I kept my hair open and carried a quirky diamond clutch and wore reflectors.

If you are into quirky and experimental fashion like me, Brime is one brand that you should definitely check out. Lipi  ( founder and designer at Brime) makes clothes that are quirky and wearable. You just have to put on one-piece of garment and you are good to go and this dress totally solves our Monday dressing woes.

Monday blues don’t get better than this.

Blogger – Charuta Yadav Moda Yalda

Dress- thebrime.com

Blog- http://www.modayalda.com/fashion/monday-blues-brime/

Bees and Baubles Streetstyling at Lakme Fashion Week in Brime

What we wore?
The last day of Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2016 called for comfortable and easy clothing but we had to keep up with the quirkiness of the event. Bri me is a pretty quirky brand with all its cute designs and graphics. Himansi wore this uber cool ‘work’ crop shirt and paired it up with a black structured pleated skirt. She wore these white sneakers and carried B&B (Bees & Baubles) bag for a street style look. Gona wore a three colored halter dress with pastel tones which looks ideal for summers. She paired it with this pastel blue colored sneakers to keep the whole look subtle.

IMG_1521-1024x683 IMG_1536-683x1024 IMG_1539-683x1024 IMG_1544-683x1024


Blog: http://beesandbaubles.com/2016/04/07/lakme-fashion-week16-round-up-day-5/

Dress: thebrime.com

Charuta in Brime at Amazon India Fashion Week AW16


Bringing my quirk on

I got my quirk on and did a laid back look for day III of Fashion Week. Well I can’t seem to get over Rihanna’s latest song *work,work,work*  and this dress from Brime stole my heart for obvious reasons. This dress is a statement piece and it totally defined my quirky style. I wore quirky ice-cream earrings and added a fun lip clutch that I made. I made a man bun ( if you haven’t still noticed I curled my hair on day 1 and I was too tired and lazy to wash them, hence the hairstyles hehehe I have got some talent, haven’t I?). I added powder blue block heels and mint retro sunglasses.





Blog: http://www.modayalda.com/fashion/fashionweekoutfits/

Dress: http://www.thebrime.com/shopp/lovin/work-maxi.html

Blogger: Charuta Yadav

My Summer Lust- DashesofMe in Striped Playsuit by Brime

With the temperature warming up and the days getting longer, “Minimalism” has become my new resolution to beat the scorching heat. But I still want to look hot. And by that, I don’t mean a hot mess in the summer heat. Of course, I want to go minimalist but without looking boring and giving up my love for bright colours even in the summer (I can’t help it). If you have been following my blog, you know how much I really believe in bright colours.

This is where “Brime “comes in. This clothing line is all about striking the right balance between bright and minimalism. Edgy, fun and bright clothing at affordable price. Need I say more? Have a look at why I have become a “Brime” fan.







Currently I am wearing one of my favourite picks from “Brime”. No woman can wear this yellow striped play suit and not look hot.

I am wearing:

Play Suit – Brime

You can check out their latest collection by visiting the BRIME website – http://www.thebrime.com.

Blogger: DashesofMe (Barnali)

Check out her Blog at www.Dashesofme.com

5 coolest things to do this Holiday season

Its the second last week of december and unless you’re holidaying somehwere in the west or running around as Santa we pick out the 5 coolest things you should be doing this week to break your routine and get the feel of the holiday season!


App- Art Basel


Download this app on you Iphone and browse through thousands of galleries and artists works whilst pretending that you’re in Miami or paris and have assumed the role of an art curator for the holidays and basically are very very cool and totally not just starting at your phone screen right now.

Book-This side of Paradise


Go to Amazon and buy this book by F.Scott Fitzgerald, a lesser known work of the Great Gatsby author and get lost in this classic tale of how he met his wife during the world war. the bright red cover itself shall make you feel christmasy

Story-the Miss Universe 2015 blunder


Read about it here and think about how you arent having the worst holiday season after all.

Watch- the family stone


Christmas calls for some christmas movie binge watching and if you’re already done with the mandatory ‘The holiday’ and ‘Love actually’, you have to watch the lesser known but highly christmasy ‘the family stone’ with Diane Keaton, SJP and Rachel Mcadams.

Browse- Kim Kardashian


Browse through Kim kardashian’s twitter account and lust over her life as you get deep in sleep dreaming about Kimojis’ and kayne as president and forget all your holiday sorrows